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Rogarema is a search platform specially designed for business customers, an international corporate directory,
a large B-to-B market place and an optimised search engine for products and services.

Advanced technology to search for businesses.
The search platform

enables a transnational search for industries and keywords. Industry searches are carried out in both your national language and English.

Innovative functions bring immediate visibility to your firm, branches / subsidiaries, products and services across all affiliated countries.

All search results can be narrowed down by region.

The online market place

for products and services is the online trading platform for commercial buyers and sellers.

As a registered client you can present your products and services here, free of charge - nationally or internationally.

Using the market place search function you can find the best service providers, products, manufacturers and suppliers.
Which of these and other additional features you use is up to you - simply adjust your profile
settings in your Profile Manager